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Contact vintagejewelryshopping

How to contact vintagejewelryshopping?

1. By Email

please send email to vintagejewelryshopping@hotmail.com

2 .By phone

Phone No. 0086 755 84575635

3 . By Online chat

Click “contact us” at the right corner of any page ( online time is from 14:00PM -17:50PM)

About Shipping

When can you post the item(s) if I place an order?

According to PayPal seller protection policy, seller reserves the rights to post item(s) in seven calendar days of receiving payment to the postal address on the Transaction Details page. If it is Pre-sales,seller can post the item(s) after the item in stock.

Will I receive an order confirmation from vintagejewelryshopping?

In order to get the order confirmation from vintagejewelryshopping, You need to create an account in www.vintagejewelryshopping.com with a valid email address first, log in before place orders . Add vintagejewelryshopping@hotmail.com to your contact list to get emails from vintagejewelryshopping.com. If you do not leave valid address , do not log in to place orders, you will not receive any confirmation from vintagejewelryshopping.com.

Where can I find my tracking code ?

If you choose the registry mail for your order or your order is over USD30, there is tracking code .After we post the item(s) out , an email with tracking information will be sent to your email box . You need to add the vintagejewelryshopping@hotmail.com to your contact list in order not to miss the shipping confirmation.

Can I change my shipping address ?

If you pay with PayPal. We ONLY post item(s) to the address in PayPal transaction. So when you want the items to be posted to different address, please add the address in your PayPal account in advance. If you pay with the Credit card or Money gram or other kinds of payment methods . You can contact the Customs service to change the address before the item(s) posted.

How long does the shipping take to my address?

We do not guarantee the shipping time. Because transit times may vary,particularly during peak periods.In the http://www.17track.net/en/report-post.shtml, you can find the Global Postal Shipment Transport Statistics as your reference.

Why changes my shipping methods without informing me?

We only change the shipping methods when the item you bought can not be posted via the shipping service you choose .There are a lot of International Shipping rules which you do not know. We do not inform you when we change the shipping service because we want to save more time in case there are no reply from you or email address you left is fake.

What should I do if my package does not reach ?

Please contact seller in 90 days for compensation or contact www.paypal.com for help

About orders

Why My order status is pending /complete/failed/closed?

Order status Complete : means transaction is in disputing or was in dispute
Order status closed : means order refunded
Order status failed : means order was canceled
Order status pending : means order was not paid or payment is being reviewed (if you paid it)

Why my order processing more than 7 calendar days ?

The main reason is the item or some of the items in your order is/are not available. The item maybe out of stock , maybe out of production , maybe in highly demands.
The other kinds of reason for “order processing more than 7 calendar days” is shipping service you choose is not available in your place or shipping address is not correct , and no reply from you after we send you email
In order to avoid such a case,,we suggest you to register in vintagejewelryshopping.com with your valid email box when place order.

How do I know my order was shipped ?

You log in your account , in “My Dashboard” , you can see the status , if the status is shipped, it means your order was shipping .

When can I cancel my order ?

When you want to cancel your order ,please contact vintagejewelryshoppingcustomer service first to check the order was posted or not. If order is not posted, the customer service can help you to cancel the order and refund . If order posted already ,the order can not be canceled till the package returned to vintagejewelryshopping.

Where can I check my order status ?

In vintagejewelryshopping.com, you need to create an account , you log into the vintagejewelryshopping account . You will find the orders in your account .

If you do not have account in vintagejewelryshopping.com , you can also place orders ,but , you will not able to check the order status , you can only contact us by tickets or by phone or by online chat for inquiry.

About our stock

Why do you sell goods that you do not have?

vintagejewelryshopping does not keep all items in stock due to maintenance issues. After receiving your order, vintagejewelryshopping staff will sort them out and place orders at the corresponding factory.Usually,stock comes batch by batch, it has possibility that the former batch has just been dispatched for previous orders when you inquire.

Buyer protections

What If I get a wrong item(Not as described)?

1.You received a completely different item. For example, you purchased a book and received a DVD or an empty box. You MUST take pictures of all the items you got in 24 hours , and contact the post office to file a claim,ask the post office to to provide you a paper documents with stamp to prove items in the box are not yours before you open the package. After that ,you send the pictures of package and the official documents from post office to vintagejewelryshopping@hotmail.com for further help.

2.The condition of the item was misrepresented. For example, the description when you bought the item said “new” and the item was used. You should show us the signs of been used in the item in 72 hours . We may compensate that accordingly .

3.The item was advertised as authentic but is not authentic. You should take pictures of the item and also provide proof to prove item is fake, the proof can be the statement from the manufacturers or Supervision Bureau

4.The item is missing major parts or features which were not disclosed in its description when you bought the item.Contact us in 72 hours for further help.

5.You purchased three items from a Seller but only received two.,please take pictures of the outer package and also take video of opening package ,get in touch with us in 72 hours for help.

6.The item was materially damaged during shipment.Please take pictures of the outer package and the items included, contact customer service in 24 hours for help

Seller protection

Seller does not provide compensation for merchandise in the situations like :

1.It is exactly as described ,but you do not want it after you get it

2.It is exactly described, but it is not what you expected

3.It is indicated with swears and tears, and seller sells online as USED

4.Seller indicates the merchandise can not be upgraded or flashed

5.Seller indicates the bugs in the merchandise in the production page

6.Returned package due to buyer refused to pay TAX &VAT for merchandise

7.Returned package due to no people available to pick up the package

8.Returned package due to violation of Local Laws

Buyer MUST pay seller 30% of the invoice value as compensation for the returning associated to any of above reason

About TAX & VAT

Will I be charged import or customs duties?

If customs or import duties are levied, You are responsible for paying them to receive your package. Because customs policies vary widely from country to country, if you have concerns that you may be subject to customs duties on your imported goods, please contact your local post office or shipping carrier.

Can vintagejewelryshopping help me to avoid the import or customs duties by declaring a low value?

vintagejewelryshopping can help you to declare a low value as as you requested, but, we do not guarantee it will help to avoid the customs duties. However, In vintagejewelryshopping ,you can choose to pay insurance for the order to get compensation on the VAT &TAX after you pay the tax for your package.