How to Buy the Perfect Heart Necklace

Many women choose to wear a necklace to show off their personalities and accessorize their looks. A popular design is the heart necklace, due to its deep meaning and versatility. There is not one ideal shape for everyone. Instead, each woman can choose her own style of heart to create the perfect heart necklace for her.

Choosing the Necklace Design

The overall design of the necklace refers to two things: the chain and the heart itself. Both of these pieces need to be given consideration in order to construct the perfect necklace.

Heart Necklace Chain Design


Most heart necklaces come on a traditional chain. Many of the chains will have a lobster claw closure that the user can open and close herself, allowing her to put the necklace on without any help.


Some heart necklaces can be purchased as a charm. This is where only the heart symbol is purchased, and it can be added to any chain that is big enough to fit it. Some women like this option because it allows them to purchase a new symbol to add to an old chain they already have.


A choker is a necklace that fits snugly around the neck. There will be no slack, meaning the heart symbol will sit right on the neck rather than hanging down lower, as some other necklaces allow.


Oftentimes, lockets are used to store something inside, such as a tiny picture or a small memento. A heart locket is no exception. Many women will choose to store a picture of their significant others, their families, or loved ones that have passed away. Wearing a locket is often a way for people to feel as though the persons pictured are close to their hearts and always with them.


A pendant is similar to a charm, except it is usually much larger in size. Charms are small symbols that can be added to a chain. Pendants are large symbols that can be added to a chain, so a heart pendant will consist of a large heart that the owner can add to a necklace of her choosing.

Heart Necklace Symbol Design

Single Heart

Many necklaces come with only a single heart. This is the traditional symbol design that many women choose because it is basic and simple, yet still symbolic.

Double Heart

Some necklaces have a double heart design. This is often purchased by those who wish to represent two people, such as themselves and their significant others.

Open Heart

A newer choice is the open heart symbol. This looks similar to the single heart, except it does not close fully. It is symbolic of a heart being open so that it can accept love.

Choosing the Metal Type

The type of metal used will play a major part in determining which necklace is best. While some women do not mind wearing either silver or gold, there are others who are picky about which type they’ll wear.

Silver Heart Necklace

Silver is a popular choice for necklaces because it stands out. The shine of silver jewelry often catches people’s attention. A silver heart necklace will look nice with a variety of different color patterns, meaning it will go with just about any outfit a woman is wearing.

Gold Heart Necklace

Gold necklaces are a top choice for many because of their value. Gold is more valuable than silver, meaning that the necklace will cost more to purchase and be worth more if it’s sold. Many people choose a gold heart necklace because it is a traditional jewelry type that many still desire.


A beautiful heart necklace around a woman’s neck is a great way for her to show off her personality and sense of style. While every necklace may contain a heart, the unique metal type, size, color, and additional features all make it special to the individual wearing it. There is a perfect heart necklace out there for every woman; it is just a matter of finding the right one.

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