How to Polish Vintage Gold Rings

Vintage gold rings can be wonderful additions to any jewelry. However, they are often very delicate and require careful care and polishing to let their unique qualities through which to shine. Any jewelry collector needs to know special tips for handling a vintage gold ring. While estate sales and consignment dealers are sources for gold rings, but these venues are often haphazard. Any jewelry lover who desires a specific piece or style can turn to for a broad vintage ring inventory and very competitive prices. Before investing in vintage gold rings, however, shoppers should learn key facts about how to keep their precious pieces sparkling and gain an overview of the gold cleaning process.


Vintage Gold Ring Cleaning and Care Tips

Antique jewelry needs special care to stay in good condition. Always store vintage gold rings in cotton lined boxes at moderate temperatures. High-carat gold pieces dent easily, so must remain away from other jewelry to avoid any unwanted bumping together during storage. Store hollow gold rings separately as well. If using products, such as perfume, hair spray. or lotion, apply these cosmetic items before putting on a vintage ring. This protects the ring from accidental contact with chemicals that could damage its surface.

Alloys in gold can tarnish over time. This may cause vintage rings to develop a darker appearance. Immersing gold pieces in a solution of water and ammonia can help restore vintage rings original luster. For especially hard-to-clean pieces, overnight soaking may be appropriate. This can revitalize a gold ring and create a polished look.


Gold Polishing Processes

Often, new owners of vintage gold pieces nee to polish their jewelry to restore its original look. Fortunately, there are several easy at-home gold polishing methods to try.


Polishing Method


Jeweler’s cloth Carefully wipe surface of gold ring to remove dirt, dust, and debris
Baking soda Boil water and add one tablespoon of baking soda

Drop the gold ring into the boiling water for 30 seconds

Remove the ring from the pot and wipe it with a jeweler’s cloth

Toothpaste Cover the gold surface with toothpaste

Use a soft-bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, to work the toothpaste into the gold

Buff with a soft cloth to restore shine

Dish soap Create a solution of warm water and two teaspoons of mild dish soap

Dip a toothbrush into the soapy liquid, then use toothbrush to rub away any dirt and grime from the old ring

Polish with a jeweler’s cloth to revive shine

Ammonia Combine one part ammonia to six parts water

Soak gold jewelry in solution for up to one minute

Remove ring and polish with a jeweler’s cloth


When cleaning antique gold, always avoid chemicals and heavy abrasives. These harsh products can cause irreparable harm to a vintage gold ring.


Removing Scratches from a Vintage Gold Ring

Some antique rings feature beautiful designs and lovely jewel settings, but may have unsightly scratches marring their surface. If this occurs, jewelry owners can focus attention on removing scratches to restore their ring’s appearance.

Start by cleaning the ring. Add dish soap and water to a dishcloth. Rub the cloth over the surface of the ring to remove any surface dirt or impurities. Once the ring is clean, rinse it with cool water and lay it on a towel to air dry.

One way to remove scratches is to soak a vintage gold ring in an ammonia-and-water solution. Blend six parts water to one part ammonia. Add the ring to the solution for up to one minute. Remove the ring and inspect the surface to see if the scratches are gone. Dry the ring with a tissue.

A jeweler’s cloth is another tool, which can remove scratches from a gold ring. Wear latex gloves to protect hands during the polishing process. Hold the ring in one hand and place the polishing cloth in the other. Rub the ring’s surface with the cloth. Make sure that the rouge from the cloth smoothes out the scratches on the ring. Repeat this process to remove all the scratches from the vintage ring’s surface.


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