Your Guide to Buying a Vintage Claddagh Ring

An Irish cultural symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship, a vintage claddagh ring presents a combination of history and charm. Traditionally passed down from mother to daughter during many generations, antique claddagh rings come in a variety of styles, metal types, and gemstone options. Uniquely worn to convey your relationship status or intentions, selecting and wearing the right vintage claddagh ring requires an understanding of the different design features and various meanings with how you wear it. You can find vintage claddagh rings from most local antique jewelry stores and from online retailers, such as

Claddagh Ring Design

A classic Celtic design, traditional claddagh rings include a three-part symbol of a heart, two hands, and a crown. Each with a significant meaning, the heart represents love, the hands portray friendship, and the crown symbolizes loyalty. Wrapped within the round shape of a ring, to mark the never-ending qualities of eternal love, each vintage claddagh ring features this iconic image of two hands, holding a crowned heart.

Full of cultural appeal and heritage, vintage claddagh rings come with unique significance as a treasured heirloom or ring with a story of previous love and admiration. Designed in a variety of metal types to suit individual taste, vintage claddagh rings also feature a range of diamond or gemstone options for a touch of luxury. Additionally constructed in various standard sizes, selecting the right size claddagh ring depends on the unique size of the intended wearer.

Metal Claddagh Ring

Vintage claddagh rings are available in nearly every popular metal option available for jewelry design. Commonly fashioned out ofsterling silver,gold, and stainless steel, you can also find claddagh rings in tungsten or titanium metal options. No matter what metal appeals to you visually, you should also consider the overall weight, luster, and sizing options of each metal type before you make a decision.

Gemstones in a Claddagh Ring

An ideal way to show off your birthstone or favorite color, you can find vintage claddagh rings with an array of genuine and synthetic diamond and gemstone options. Whether you prefer rubies, emeralds, diamonds, or pearls, selecting the right vintage claddagh ring with a gemstone depends entirely on your unique style. To ensure the ring maintains meaningful significance, consider selecting a gemstone option that holds special importance to you or a loved one.

Sizing a Claddagh Ring

Selecting the right size vintage claddagh ring requires an evaluation of your ring size or the size of the finger of whom you are presenting the ring. To avoid the ring fitting too loosely or too snug, consider stopping by a local jewelry store for a professional, in person finger sizing. Depending on the metal option, it may also be possible for the vintage claddagh ring you select to be custom sized for an exact fit to your finger.

Claddagh Ring Meaning

Vintage claddagh rings are capable of revealing the relationship status of a wearer, depending on the chosen way to wear the ring. Defined by the orientation or direction of the heart and on what hand the ring is on, each claddagh ring combination gives a clue about the desires of your heart. Before wearing your vintage claddagh ring, be sure to familiarize yourself with the unique symbolic meanings of each wear option to ensure you send the right love messages.


A creative way to propose, the vintage claddagh ring of someone engaged should wear it on the ring finger of the left hand with the point of the heart facing out, toward your fingertips.


Stylish and full of meaning, the vintage claddagh ring of someone married should wear it on the ring finger of the left hand with the point of the heart facing in, toward your heart.


A creative way to send a subtle cue to a love interest, the vintage claddagh ring of a someone single should wear it on the right finger of the right hand with the point of the heart facing out, as if you are seeking love.


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